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Level up your data skills and explore the wonderful world of data with our educational programs
DataYoga designs educational projects focused on working with data in a literate way.

We are dedicated to make visual communication with data clear and simple.
DataYoga designs educational projects focused on working with data in a literate way.

We are dedicated to make visual communication with data clear and simple.
What we do
We focus on promoting data literacy skills in leading companies across the world. From year 2020, we have been a strategic partner of TheDataLiteracyProject together with Qlik and Accenture
Our resources
We aim to create easy-to-understand learning materials
Learn Visual Literacy
Our visual guide gathers the basic knowledge of working with data visualization in a smart and simple way.
This is not a cook-book on how to work with numbers, but this is your guidance in the world of data.
The guide contains practical topics on dashboard design, best practices and tips from data visualization experts and a selection of tasks, games and warm-ups for better understanding of data visualization.
Our community
We help and support each other. In a data literate way
With DataYoga, we run training and educational programs on working with data. DataYoga offers a creative approach to education using well-illustrated training materials and keen attention to details. In addition, DataYoga is our partner in theDataLiteracyProject initiative.
George Naneishvili
DataYoga created hands-on educational training based on our needs: we have a lot of tables, but we must be able to communicate with data and make decisions visually. DataYoga provided:
— Visual literacy training for our employees and additional engaging topics in prototyping.
— Sketching.
— Methodology of dashboard development.
George Vinogradow
DataYoga ran a series of Tableau educational sessions for the ASBIS Management — everything went very professionally, and our employees received valuable practice in designing interactive reports.
Sergio Kostevich
DataYoga and Vizuators  collaborate and work as a team of experts. Together we design educational materials and workshops for Tableau-based dashboard design with clients worldwide. We designed and created the most popular Tableau marathon, which collected around 5000 participants.
Alexey Shinkarenko
Anaplan’s Business Planning team took training from DataYoga to enrich employees industry and methodological knowledge with new perspectives to data visualization. We create financial planning and analysis systems for our customers and the training has once again emphasized that the most important thing is the questions our customers might have to data. Now we can create dashboards which allow our customers to answer business questions faster.
Natalie Demin
We chose DataYoga to organize a company-wide data literacy educational marathon, in which they prepared and designed our success stories using data inside Kztelecom. 700 people attended the marathon, and the number is growing.
Michael Kim
Organizations that have already trusted us with data visualization training and consulting
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