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On Data
A hands-on course for understanding basic design principles of data visualization
Our goal is to let you create by exploring the data. From a large number of look-alike tables to clear visualizations.

From complex to simple.
What is this training about?
You will gain insights and practical skills that you will be able to apply and improve the quality of your work
3 blocks

to understand how data-driven communication works
20+ topics

for improving your reports, presentations and dashboards
8 practical games

to improve the efficiency of working with data
10 artefacts

to remember everything you’ve learned
How data visualization works
A deep dive into the fundamentals of human perception of information, needs and trends in modern data visualization. User experience (UX) with data
How to see data
Charts, graphs and visual analytics. From Excel to Smart Tables. A review of the main types of charts. How to take human visual perception into account when working with data visualization
Visualization aesthetics 101
Colors and fonts in working with data. Why it’s important. Human color perception patterns. How color varies depending on data type
All on dashboard development
Goal setting and results acceptance. Interactive KPIs. Technical, functional, design requirements for creating dashboards. The most common mistakes in dashboard design process
Sketching and prototyping
Sketching as a tool for immersion in business problems. Visual thinking in problem solving
How to create stories based on data. The basics of presentations
Data Literacy as a tool
Benefits of implementing a data culture in the#organization. Evaluate the level of maturity of your organization’s data management. Identify required team competencies
Standardization as a best practice
A way to improve your reports, presentations and dashboards with consistency
A fun mixture of theory and practice

After completing the training, you’re given your own personal artifacts: a book containing all the topics you’ve covered, posters-helpers, checklists, as well as a library of useful resources and literature. They will help you better assimilate and remember the basic techniques after the end of the face-to-face course.

We combine hands-on learning of the tool with fresh theoretical knowledge to enrich the experience. Practical topics are reflected in presentations, during which we take case studies.

In addition to practical tasks in the BI-tool, we like to play with data. We prepared several games & warm-ups on working with data, charts and dashboards. We made our own card deck of 47 ways to visualize data. The VizCards will be available to all participants of the training as a gift.

We love to communicate and discuss different approaches to data visualization. As we get feedback from you, we’re happy to expand the topics that are a higher priority for you.
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