Data Yoga
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DataYoga promotes an idea of achieving what was previously beyond our capabilities. We can reach a state of mind we have never reached to before.

Focus your attention on what you are doing at the moment. Try to really see the tasks you are accomplishing with the data. Otherwise, you  can be immersed in the process, but not be present in your actions.
What is DataYoga
Traditional yoga, from which the practices of DataYoga have developed, is based on a paradigm to help one know oneself better.

DataYoga seeks to achieve a state of mind where you are present in every action you do with data.
Concentrate your attention to do your work better than before, while being aware of everything you do. You won’t need to do something today just because you did it yesterday. This way you can avoid meaningless repetitions in your actions.

In order to move forward, you have to act by observing the direction of your movement. It helps you always know where the goal is and what it takes to get there. This mindful observation will enable you to discover something new all the time.
Eight DataYoga Steps
Our goal is to deliver key messages, not to scatter in different directions.
Any study, any research, any reflection or any communication, allows us to learn more about ourselves, to get closer to ourselves, that is, to explore ourselves.

The purpose of DataYoga is to help you become a little better than before. To improve ourselves we work hard by doing hands-on tasks and training our patience. Sometimes more effort is required of us, sometimes less, but as time goes we will begin to feel that we are gradually making progress. We must take every opportunity for self-development.
Stratagem One
Do not use data visualization to the harm of society and yourself
Stratagem Two
Avoid data manipulation and refuse to lie, deception, and self-delusion
Stratagem Three
Refuse the aimless gathering of data that doesn’t make sense
Bad habits of working with data are darkening the clarity of our mind. The purpose of DataYoga is to get your superficial understanding out of the way so that you can do what is right. Your actions will do you good.
Stratagem Four
Continually, through reflection, communication, and learning, get closer to yourself and explore your ability to effectively understand and process data
Stratagem Five
Take the most effective action on the data, regardless of one’s emotional state
Stratagem Six
Try to do things for the benefit of society, make the world around us less chaotic and more structured
Getting to the visualization practices, you should move forward gradually step by step. Learn all the details of the different types of charts and graphs, figuring out how to work with color and font. Data visualization is a conscious way of working with data.
Stratagem Seven
Keep data clean and enrich it when possible to add depth of vision when doing analytics
Stratagem Eight
Focus the user's attention on the main idea of the dashboard and not distract their attention from the essence of the data
The rule of "being here and nowhere else" is the key to total concentration. There is only the present moment. There is nothing else.
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