What is Data Literacy?
The modern skill to understand data
Why is this important?
growing amount of data
The world is producing more and more data year by year, almost doubling in size every year. Although we ask our employees to use and even monetize this data, they simply do not have the skills to do so.
growing value of data
The company is making its data available to employees so they can build reports or work with the data themselves - fortunately, many companies are already familiar with SelfService analytics and aren't afraid to give data to ordinary employees to do their own analysis.
growing access to data
As the volume of data has grown exponentially in recent years, analytics has fundamentally changed the way businesses work. Companies are trying to make everything digital, digitize and tag everything, and it's generating more and more data. It's very important for organizations to use all this data to make the right decisions, but without qualified employees, it's almost impossible to do so.
What is Data Literacy
Insights based on data are the "language" of a modern business. Data literacy is as important to a modern company as reading and writing. But data skills are not only useful in business companies. Everyone today needs to know how to quickly turn data into ideas and actions.
Data literacy is the ability to understand, work and analyze data and use it to make actionable decisions. You need to be able to support your conclusions based on the data.
Data Literacy skills include 4 major components:
→ the skill to read and understand data
→ the skill to work with data
→ the skill to analyze data
→ the skill of argue with data

The level of each skill group depends on the type, frequency, and profile of one's work.
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