Data Guide
Get your visual aesthetics
Our visual guide gathers the basic knowledge of working with data visualization in a smart and simple way.
This is not a cook-book on how to work with numbers, but this is your guidance in the world of data.
The guide contains practical topics on dashboard design, best practices and tips from data visualization experts and a selection of tasks, games and warm-ups for better understanding of data visualization.
This is not an instruction-book on how to work in a BI tool or create spreadsheets. Instead, this is a user-friendly guide that describes the main milestones of data visualization
What is this guide about
Covering all eight steps of DataYoga

how to set goals with data so you always know where you are headed
KPI & audience

what is KPI and how it can help you to stay on track

datasets, datasources and ways to combine them together

how to choose the right type of chart and what is important

dashboard layout and formatting, UX and UI, different formats of data presentation

how interactivity helps with large and complex data

visualization layout
and additional elements on dashboard by grid, connection of filters and legends with charts

numbers, percentages, axes and scales, secondary analytics lines, and other visualization elements