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Make you feel confident about your data
Audit of current DATA collection processes, DWH, BI system, reporting
Develop corporate standards of visual communication
Develop corporate centres of expertise for visual analytics
Provide expert support and help in development of data-products
Design, engineering and development of visual analytics in Tableau
Education: corporate trainings
Some of our clients

pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, construction, international finance, banks, sociological research

Pharmaceuticals, Canada
Analysis of sales, market and competitors for a pharmaceutical company with details to pharmacies

The goal was to combine plurality of external and internal sources. Get all the information in one place for theoperational work of business users.

Our solution allowed to save about 250.000 $ per year due to the abandonment of an external analyticalservice. Accelerated the process of monitoring market share up to the pharmacy and prompt response tothe situation.
International finance, USA
Evaluation of the effectiveness of IFC investment programs in the economies of the countries of the world

The goal was to monitor the economic indicators of countries and evaluate the effectiveness of investment projects.

We have worked with Heads of investment departments and Oracle DB.
Retail, EU
Electronic market analysis

The dashboard should provide a plan-fact analyses, forecasting, KPI calculation and data presentation in a tabular form with the ability to see explanation when you hover over the number of interests.

We have worked with sales department as a key audience of this dashboard and with IBM DB2 and Excel.
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